Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark

An Abstract Mark is the key to brand identification. Award your brand a signature with an Abstract Mark logo designed by us.

The purpose of an abstract logo is to represent your business in the market. Having an Abstract Mark logo would help people identify and relate to your business easily. A brand signature to be precise.

An Abstract logo is nothing but a concise form of your brand in the form of an image. That’s the beauty of this type of logo symbol.

Creating a unique identity for your brand is possible with the help of an Abstract Mark logo as  against a picture of something identifiable.

The advantage with an Abstract logo is that it portrays what your business does, in a symbolic manner. That too without depending on the social ramifications of a particular image. Using form and color, you can provide a meaning and inculcate emotions surrounding your brand.

The difference between an Abstract logo and a Mascot logo is that a Mascot happens to be an illustrated character as opposed to the geometric form used in an Abstract logo. E.g. Pepsi’s Abstract Mark logo and KFC’s Mascot logo. 

See what wonders the divided circle along with the strip abstract has done for Pepsi. Same in case of the Nike swoosh.

We are here to design one for you, through our Abstract Mark Logo Design Services. Just get it done!


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