Emblem Logo

Emblem Logo

An Emblem logo comprises of a font within a symbol or an icon; consider seals, badges and crests.

Get an Emblem designed for your business, and make a striking impact !

Specially, if you own a food/beverage, automobile business or an educational institute, then an Emblem is just the right thing for you. Bring to mind the Harley Davidsons, the Starbucks and the impact their emblems had on you.

An Emblem designed by us will provide you with a perfect combination of both the traditional and the modernized look. We have a dedicated team of Emblem designers to understand your exact requirements and deliver you with the desired output.

Our team of experts will come up with an Emblem logo design that will be optimum to print across all of your marketing material.

An Emblem that will stay in the minds, that’s our promise!

While we have seen as to what is an Emblem logo, let’s check out what Lettermarks are.

A lettermark happens to be a typography-based logo that incorporates a few letters, more often than not, an organization’s initials. E.g. NASA, ISRO etc. A lettermark can be used in an Emblem as well.

Thus, your search for an impact making Emblem design ends with our Emblem logo design service.

What We Do?

Delivering End-To- End Solutions

With an experienced and technically sound workforce, we deliver end-to- end design solutions for you. Right from Logo designing to photo editing and more…


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We believe in creating a long lasting bond with our customers. It’s all about solving the customer queries and fulfilling all their needs in a friendly yet professional manner.


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We pledge and preach timely deliveries with the help of our set processes. It’s a top priority for us.

Both Creative And  Technical

At Magar Graphix, we have technically sound yet creative minds, which give that special touch to your deliverable.

Who we are?

We are a graphics design services providing company based in Pune. At Magar Graphix, we specialize in A to Z of graphics design. Our team of in-house experts is committed to deliver top quality and timely service to customers. 100% customer satisfaction is and always will be on the top of our agenda.

Approach us with your design requirements and we will materialize them for you.