Mascot Logo

Mascot Logo

Planning to target kids or families. Mascot logo is the way to go for you. Get an exclusive Mascot logo designed for your brand.

Our designers expertize in designing a variety of Mascots based on your business needs and purposes. What better ambassador than a Mascot for your business? After all, we remember a brand like Amul by its mascot girl, KFC by its Colonel etc…See its impact on our minds!

Your brand can enjoy the same name and fame. A Mascot logo designed by us is all that you require.

In simple language, a mascot is nothing but a character caricature that becomes the face of your business. Mascots are ideal for those businesses that wish to develop a wholesome environment by targeting families and kids.

One major advantage of having a mascot is that it can facilitate customer interaction. So it’s a powerful tool not only for social media marketing but real-time marketing events as well. A perfect blend of the real and virtual world is a mascot.

Now that we have understood a Mascot logo, how does it differ from a Combinational Mark?

Well, a combinational mark is nothing but a logo comprising of a lettermark or wordmark and a pictorial mark, mascot or abstract mark. Thus, a mascot can be a part of a Combinational Mark, but not vice versa.

Just approach us with your requirement. A memorable Mascot Logo is the promise of our Mascot logo design services.

What We Do?

Delivering End-To- End Solutions

With an experienced and technically sound workforce, we deliver end-to- end design solutions for you. Right from Logo designing to photo editing and more…


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At Magar Graphix, we have technically sound yet creative minds, which give that special touch to your deliverable.

Who we are?

We are a graphics design services providing company based in Pune. At Magar Graphix, we specialize in A to Z of graphics design. Our team of in-house experts is committed to deliver top quality and timely service to customers. 100% customer satisfaction is and always will be on the top of our agenda.

Approach us with your design requirements and we will materialize them for you.